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Sea Kayak Instructional Courses

Delivered by the guides at Bush and Boat

2 Day - 1 night course $495

We happen to live in one of the best Sea Kayaking locations in the world. Warm water, coral reefs, spectacular coastline and great fishing. Our Sea Kayak Instructional Course will give you the skills to select the right gear, use it safely and plan/enjoy trips along our coast.

This course suits beginners and those who already do some kayaking, but would like to improve their skills, safety and confidence on the water.

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Paddling efficiently through effective stroke technique. By using the right technique, you employ your whole body to propell your boat through the water, not just your arms. This not only makes you faster, but means you wont tire so quickly. Correct technique is also important for avoiding injury and fatigue and will make your kayaking more enjoyable and safer.

Learning how the your boat interacts with the water. Waves, wind, current and your position in the boat all affect the way the boat handles and turns. We teach you skills to handle rough water, keep the boat heading in the right direction and turn more easilly.

Good seamanship. Knowledge, good judegement and experience all go to making up good seamanship. Understanding and using weather forecasts, making decisions dependent on the conditions, having appropriate equipment and knowing how to use it, all go to making your journeys safer and more enjoyable. Improving your "seamanship" is one of the key learning aims of this course.

Using the paddle for balance and direction. There are a number of strokes which can help keep you upright (low bracing, sculling etc) or change/maintain direction (rudder stokes, draws etc). Once mastered, these paddle strokes can help you move backwards, sideways, spin around when stopped, and more. They are the fundamentals of controlling a kayak, and are applicable on rivers, lakes or the ocean.

Choosing the right equipment can be daunting. There are so many options and in reality, there is no perfet boat or paddle. It is a matter of choosing the right equipment to match you ability, experience, height, weight, strength, budget and of course the type of water you are going to be paddling in. On this course, we not only discuss, but also get the opportunity to sample a wide variety of boats and paddles.

To find our more information, or to reserve your spot, call Paul - 0423 603 667 or Alex - 0447 546 926 for more information