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Our kayak fleet

We have a wide variety of kayaks that we can use for our tours, and hire. These range from boats suitable for beginners, through to those with extensive sea kayaking experience

Before a tour, we discuss your experience and expectations from the tour, and match the boat and paddle to suit. We are unique in the multi-day kayak tour area, offering experienced sea kayakers access to fast, capable boats that are a joy to paddle.

Southern Light EX
Double Sea Kayak

Sisson Double sea kayak

This is an extremely sea capable, double sea kayak. This boat is available for hire and multi-day tours. It has a huge storage capacity for carrying camping gear, food and water.

It has a foot contolled rudder, for the rear paddler.

Ocean Kayaks - Scupper Pro
Single Sea Kayak

Scupper Pro

These are the perfect boat for those wanting the freedom of paddling a single, but the safety and stability of a sit on top kayak.

They are very stable yet are easy to travel a distance in. The rudder helps with control, so you can paddle at a comfortable pace. Generally this is the boat we recommend to our guests as it provides a good compromise of comfort and freedom for beginners and experienced paddlers.

Natureline Marlin
Single Sea Kayak

Natureline Marlin - Sea Kayak

The Natureline Marlin is a very capable sea kayak, suitable for multi day expeditions. It rides a wave well and handles rough and confused water well. Being a hard chined hull, it has a lively initial feel with moderate secondary stability.

Storage capacity is generous, with easy to access hatches.

Glide Mahi
Single Sit on top

Sit on top kayak hire

We use these mainly on the river trips, as they are light and very manouverable.

They are also suitable for lighter paddlers in the ocean, or if you want to try surfing the small waves we sometimes get along the coast.